About Us

I started this website because i too new nothing at one time. But also when i started to become an expert i let the next new thing syndrome hit me and i got stuck there for years.

That was until i got so frustrated but determined to really give this thing a shot. So i went where help is always available and they have a step by step repeatable program that just works.

The site i am talking about is wealthy affiliate click here to read my review. Just so you know this is a new website that i built just to talk about wealthy affiliate. So it is a work in progress.

So at list building for IM newbies we pride ourselves in helping anyone who wants to learn how to create and build a list of loyal subscribers that they can contact frequently to educate, entertain, engage and hopefully help motivate to become loyal customers.

That is the reason we started this website and we are dedicated to this goal. So there will be a lot more content on list building and email marketing to come. Stay tuned.